Since 2012

Vinasamex., JSC

Viet Nam Staraniseed Cassia Manufacturing and Exporting Joint Stock Company (VINA
SAMEX., JSC) was established in 2012, based on 10 years of experience in the field of
cinnamon and star aniseed production of the company’s leadership. This is a leading
enterprise in Vietnam with a good reputation in the market in terms of processing and
exporting star aniseed and cinnamon. The main source of raw materials for production of
VINA SAMEX., JSC are collected from Yen Bai Province and Lang Son Province,
where are famous for the variety of cinnamon and star aniseed with high productivity and
quality in Vietnam. The company has a branch in Trang Dinh District, Lang Son
Province and will have a subsidiary in Yen Bai Province to cooperate with the
cooperatives in these two raw material areas.


All products are nature

Beginning of organic cinnamon and star anise production value chain by training farmers to select and cultivate high-quality, high-yield cinnamon varieties. This is followed by tending the tree during its growth and development (15-40 years for anise and 7-20 years for cinnamon). By the time of harvest, the product will be harvested, dried, processed, and stored according to international standard to meet food quality and safety requirements.

Pure Organic

Organic cinnamon and star anise are grown in Yen Bai, Lao Cai and Lang Son of Vietnam

CinnamonStar Anise Gift  

Production process

Manufacturing according to international standards in each locality starting from seeding, tending and collecting the raw materials. The closed production technology from checking raw material areas, following farmers closely in preserving land, taking care of raw material forests, collecting, transporting, processing, packing safely and produce high quality products. Each step is ensured to follow international quality control regulations in cinnamon and star anise processing industry


The cinnamon and star anise products of VINASAMEX achieved 04 international organic certificates: EU, USDA, JAS and Korea. These organic materials are processed at our HACCP and IFS certified factories.

Besides that, the company also holds the For Life certification for ethical and social responsibility businesses

Journey to organic certification

Talk to the forest
  • 02/2013Vinasamex leaders initiated by learning by themselves, asking for and consulting opinions from experts working in governmental associations.
  • 04/2013Vinasamex started to approach and define the material areas, learned ways of collection andproduction from farmers, and took land and water samples for quality testing.
  • 12/2017International Organic certifications achieved
  • 6/2013Vinasamex wholeheartedly persuaded farmers to believe in core values of cinnamon and star anise tree manufactured in the right process to their families; and invited the farmers to join the value chain
  • 6/2013 – 6/2015The value chain in organic manufacturing accomplished, with training and guiding given to native farmers.
  • 10/2015 – 05/2016Vinasamex invested and built the factory and management system in order to achieve international certifications


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