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We bringing jobs to farmers, common benefits for partners and preserving cinnamon industry in Vietnam

Having the heart to care and take care of poor farmers who want to contribute to the community and the development of cinnamon industry in particular and valuable medicinal herbs in general.

Sharing values, time and knowledge with farmers, helping them improve their lives and keep the cinnamon industry in Vietnam undeterred by the challenges and difficulties of the industry.

Doing business honestly, bringing mutual benefits to all business partners

Objectives: Promote sustainable trade in natural raw materials in Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar, with the aim of preserving biodiversity and improving livelihoods for people in rural areas.

Bio Trade and Organic

  • la1Biodiversity conservation
  • la2Sustainable use of biodiversity
  • la3Equitable sharing of benefits derived from exploitation of biodiversity resources
  • la4Socio-economic sustainability
  • la5Compliance with national and international laws
  • la6Respect for the rights of the parties involved
  • la7Transparency in land use rights, rights to exploit and use natural resources and knowledge