– Packing: Glass box of 50g, 100g
– Uses:
Anise is a medicine used in both traditional and western medicine.

Western medicine used as an herbal remedy, helps digestion, benefits milk, effects on the nervous system and muscles (soothing, soothing) used in stomach pain, intestinal pain and in cases of stomach and intestines. The contraction is too strong. In addition, it is also used to make wine to make aromatic toothpaste.

According to ancient literature anise has a spicy, moderate temperament. Those who are negative, prosperity cannot use it.

Often used today as drugs to help digestion eat indigestion, vomiting numbness pains. Every day use 4 to 8g in the form of decoction. Used in addition to soaking alcohol to cure aches and pains.

In addition, anise is also used as a spice, basil to cook beef and other meats.