As an enterprise with many contributions to the community in preserving and developing the specialties of anise cinnamon, VINA SAMEX has been making the anise cinnamon product to become a geographical indication in the specialties of Vietnamese mountains and forests. world map.
Coming to the northern mountainous provinces, ethnic Tày, Dao, Nùng … all considered Vina Samex as their home, which gave them the motivation to develop cinnamon raw material areas. Cinnamon and star anise trees are perennial crops and a major source of income for ethnic minorities in Lao Cai, Yen Bai and Lang Son provinces.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Huyen, General Director of Vina Samex, said: “We always remember the moment when the arms of the ethnic people simultaneously shouted our unanimity to jointly develop cinnamon products to the global market. The sincere smiles of the people gave Vina Samex the strength and determination to develop organic cinnamon, bringing the flavor of Vietnam’s mountains and forests to stand on the international market ”.
Recently, the BioTrade SECO project team joined two experts from the Ethical Biodiversity Trade Union (UEBT) in the Netherlands, Mr. Sureel Singh and Ms. Simona D’amico, to visit the planting of natural materials. and Vina Samex manufacturing factory in Yen Bai. Directly visiting cinnamon forest, anise and assessing cinnamon production system, anise at the factory, UEBT appraised information to put Vina Samex into the system of global ethical business enterprises. To achieve this standard, Vina Samex converges the following factors: Organic products exported internationally, businesses to conserve biodiversity, create jobs for indigenous farmers and contribute to the development of the foundation. Vietnamese clean agriculture.

Officials of Vina Samex train farmers in how to grow cinnamon, anise in an organic way.

The process of classifying fresh anise when harvested is transported to the factory. Photo: Viet Cuong

Foreign partners visit the Cinnamon Vina Samex factory

Cinnamon products, anise Vina Samex comes to the international fair and has many orders

Cinnamon processing plant in Yen Bai province with an area of 11,000m2 surrounded by wild cinnamon anise, fresh star anise is gathered here, constantly put into the oven with more than 100 hard-working workers. job. Every day 40 tons of fresh anise are purchased with 10 goods, exporting 400 tons a month. Vina Samex owns the largest oven in Vietnam, invested over 100 billion VND to improve the drying capacity of 2000 tons per year.

The story of cinnamon anise, highland specialties is an interesting impression with the founders of Vina Samex. Mr. Que Anh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, said: “When we brought cinnamon and cardamom essential oil products to the international market, foreigners were surprised why Vietnam has such products. Quality products like this one. Cinnamon and star anise are precious products of Vietnam, so we want to develop more products so that the brand of cinnamon Vina Samex is included in Vietnam’s geographical and tourist guide ”.

12 Vina Samex cinnamon products including: Cinnamon powder, cinnamon-cut cinnamon, cinnamon-cut cinnamon, cinnamon-cut cinnamon, cinnamon-cut cinnamon, cigarettes, flute, pressed cinnamon … are dominating the international market such as EU, US and export 3,000 tons per year for 9000 USD per ton. Anise products such as: Star anise, star aniseed powder, star anise are also exported with the price of 6000 USD / ton.

The cinnamon and star anise products of Vina Samex achieve organic certification and many prestigious international certifications to export to EU, US and Japan markets. Photo: Viet Cuong
Cinnamon powder
Cinnamon stick products.

Specialized dried anise, prepared in canned for export. Photo: Viet Cuong

(Bich Van – Vietnam Photo Newspaper)