With the mission of bringing sustainable economic value to the people of the Northwest Vietnamese people. Along with the affirmation that the high-end cinnamon brand of Vietnam is the only one that builds and produces a closed value chain from raw material growing areas to pure anise cinnamon products from the mountain stops in the north of Vietnam to other markets. world importers. Vinasamex has conquered the most difficult roads every day to obtain certificates from farmers' raw material areas and Vinasamex products.

As a forest deity brings together free anise cinnamon growers into a group of farmers producing organic crops in each region. Thereby controlling the process and creating better quality products for consumers. That link brings economic value to the people of the anise and spices such as ginger, pepper, garlic, and chili to help them get regional certificates to improve the value of the product.
The successes are undergoing new difficulties, it is true that the time for people to believe in the new direction of organic products is a difficulty that vinasamex has gradually overcome. The training classes on certified organic farming practices were hard times as well as difficult to impart knowledge to farmers. It is even more difficult when the awareness of ethnic minorities is not high to understand about Organic as well as the assessment by experts on material areas that can be certified.

But those difficulties have been overcome by Vinasamex staff and farmers. The biggest demonstration of the journey that vinasamex built is including 8 certifications, including 4 certifications for organic products from fastidious countries in the world such as the US, Europe, Japan, Korea,

(overcome difficulties with relatives)

American standard USDA organic gain stands for United States Department of Agriculture. Very high standards are required for this certification. Specially required to produce agricultural products by methods of environmental protection and almost no use of artificial materials such as pesticides, antibiotics. Organic farmers, farms using organic farming methods and organic food processing processes must follow the standards for organic and fiber food production. These standards will cover the entire production process and product from on-farm to consumer meals, including soil quality, irrigation water, pest control, farming practices, and other rules about food additives. Having this certificate is a long way for farmers and VINASAMEX officials.


The next leg of vinasamex aims with EU certification as organic certification according to the standards of the European Union (EU). When foods and products are labeled organic according to the EU organic standards, consumers will be assured that these foods and products always comply with strict and mandatory requirements. EU organic certification process provides. Products that do not meet the requirements will not be labeled as organic and are immediately removed from the organic group in all Member States.

For organic certification Korea has always placed the production of healthy food from well-balanced and fertile soil. During production and processing, organic and non-organic products must be segregated and prevented from contaminating banned substances (mainly non-certified synthetic substances). always organize the country sampling from the raw material areas every year to test the safety index to meet the standards.
Japan has always been a difficult market for any product to use. The strict Japanese examination of Japanese market input products must have been heard by you. Therefore, in order to reach the Japanese certified organic product standard, there are many difficulties that Vinasamex and farmers have to try together. The JAS standard requires fresh produce to show the name and place of manufacture; Processed foods must show name, place of manufacture, expiry date, ... Along with a series of basic requirements such as organic planting, fertilizers, seeds and crops, real control lethargy.

Vinasamex always aims to connect with people to create the best products for the health of consumers and improve the value of Vietnamese products in the world market.

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