With the project accompanying people, especially ethnic minority women in Yen Bai, contribute to improving the ability of family economic development, socio-economic stability. Through many years of working with people, Que Hoi Vietnam has received the trust of the people.

The rainy days here are also the days when VINA SAMEX Company has directly opened training courses on organic cinnamon cultivation for people, especially improving the spirit of mobilizing women to participate in training sessions. training. To jointly improve the family economy and affirm gender equality among women.

With the mind of developing together with relatives, the teaching brothers and sisters of VINA SAMEX Company inspire organic farming, along with the interaction of local people that sometimes forget until lunch break. With such hard work, the staff members’ warm smile is always blooming to welcome people and forget the tired part.

During the training process, the lecturers of VINA SAMEX company integrated the contents of gender equality, women’s decision-making ability in family economic development as well as economic development. society. With the spirit of women being half of the world, they must be respected, recognized for their values, social roles as well as their contributions.VINA SAMEX has directed the upland women to think about innovation in economic development. and improve Cinnamon culture.

Especially through the training process that helps people to deeply realize the cultivation and care of cinnamon trees in particular and agricultural products in general according to organic methods to ensure high quality products with output. stable, high value. In addition, it also helps ensure a clean and safe environment, reduces pollution hazards and residues of toxic chemicals in nature, reduces the burden of traditional agricultural production on the environment, and reduces the risk of cancer. diseases caused by eating or drinking or being exposed to the most harmful chemicals, herbicides

What VINA SAMEX can do may be invisible to the eye, but always the behind inspiring and developing people here not only about economy but also in life. What VINA SAMEX does in the coming time, we are always accompanying people here, always opening annual training sessions, in addition to reiterating the standards, basic organic farming methods for people to do. standards for a sustainable organic cinnamon supply chain.