22 years old entered business. From a girl who has no experience in “taste” but less than 10 years, General Director Nguyen Thi Huyen has brought cinnamon products, anise with Vinasamex brand name around the world …

Love… cinnamon, since the first meeting

Born in 1989, in a family with a tradition of doing business in Hai Duong, Huyen’s business blood was infused into her as a natural thing when she was a child, she showed her entrepreneurial talent. The idea of life will be associated with the business, but after graduating from school, Huyen suddenly applied to work at a company specializing in labor export, which surprised her family …

However, as a predestined relationship, after just over a month of work, Huyen was invited to a cinnamon export company. Huyen recounted that the first day of work (2011) was the first day that Huyen led Indian customers to visit the anise forest. The feeling of a young girl climbing the forest for the first time, leading a foreigner to learn about a Vietnamese product, seeing a region full of rejuvenation for the first time…. very hard to describe

General Director Nguyen Thi Huyen actively brought cinnamon, anise in Vietnam to the international market

Something like love, she is fascinated by the scent of cinnamon, anise … More specifically, Huyen knows that Vietnam is one of the 5 countries in the world that have cinnamon trees and only 2 countries have can grow anise. That is the inspiration that Huyen loves and wants to stick with this spice plant and wants to bring this unique flavor to the world.

Sticking with the job of an import-export sales staff and manager for more than a year, in 2012, Huyen was promoted to General Director (CEO) when the company needed to find new directions. The work was busier, but became the “thread” connecting the CEO with the Chairman of the Board of Directors “going home” in 2013. Huyen said, in fact, Huyen’s husband, Nguyen Que Anh is the one who “sees the potential”. Cinnamon, anise and Huyen inspire and desire to find farmers a way to export not dependent on a single country.

After 7 years Huyen held the position of CEO, Vinasamex has received many international certificates of global value for its products, especially certificates as a “passport” for Vinasamex to travel around Europe. – are the most demanding markets in the world. Currently Vinasamex has cooperated with 1,000 households with organic material areas with an area of nearly 1,000 hectares. In addition, they also buy from about 5,000 households growing regular products. Vinasamex exports to many countries but Europe is mainly when accounting for 60%.

Huyen modestly shared, until today, although not a big company, what Vinasamex has is its prestige and international brand. “The most important thing, I feel that my efforts and steadfastness are right” – Huyen said. Surely that girl is thinking back to the difficult days when she first entered the profession …


Huyen said, when the export output to India and Bangladesh is very good, one year, the price of cinnamon fell sharply, leaving only one third. How many anise cinnamon that farmers harvested have been suspended and cannot be exported. The damage can not be counted. At the same time, after many direct trips to trade promotions, Huyen realized, not only Asia likes spices, European countries, America are also very fond of cinnamon spices, Vietnamese anise but These are fastidious, unchanging markets that cannot be entered.

She and her husband decided to invest more deeply, going in a direction more difficult than what she still did. The moment of deciding to change the production process, building the product value chain, deciding to choose a difficult market … many people know that she … has a problem. But ignoring doubts and concerns, Huyen and his wife are still determined to invest all of their efforts to improve the value of cinnamon products, with their firm belief that “You must do well from the original for the value to be sustainable . And the difficult market is the potential market ”.

Visit the cinnamon production model at Yen Bai factory

One million USD was spent, with the help of many non-governmental organizations, some local governments where Vinasamex built a raw material area to embark on more difficult work … But Huyen could not expect, son That road is so difficult. She confided that the day when this concept was still relatively new in Vietnam, very few documents about this type of certification could be searched.

“Making organic decisions is a big challenge, as it takes time, personnel and costs to build the factory system, the management system, the value chain, the farmer training, the cost. pay for certification evaluation … In particular, it is necessary to accept the fact that, if not, the entire cost of effort spent several years as a feat and the opportunity to go to high-end markets will be further Wonderful “- Huyen recalls.

Even so, Huyen still decided to risk. She also surprised everyone by not making a small area, not just for one product, not limited to trying a few farmers, the woman decided to work with nearly thousand households, with an area close to thousand hectares and make both cinnamon and anise products at the same time.

In the end, Huyen’s hard work and hard work paid off. More specifically, Vinasamex has received the FOR LIFE certificate (a form of fair trade certification, demonstrating the values within the product chain that are not only pure business but also conscious of responsible activities. to the society and community), opens a new page for cinnamon and anise products in Vietnam.


Products have been recognized, but difficulties still pile up when finding the output is not easy. Huyen said, finding a few new customers forever, but when they bid, they still did not trust them because they were a new company. There are customers in need, they compare prices from companies to companies, even with units paying each 5 USD.

“At this time, the whole company has to work harder and harder than normal 2 or 3 times. We continuously lead customers across hills and mountains to visit the clean raw material area, where the processing ensures quality. Because of the time zone difference, it is normal to advise customers until 2, 3 am ”, Ms. Huyen said.

Then the days of building the first containers for export also made this girl remember forever. Huyen said, that day it rained heavily, everyone started packing from noon to 1 am. Finished closing but could not calculate the area, so I did not close all 16 tons of cargo. I had to pull everything back, close it, turn it around to fit …

Up to now, every day, Vinasamex exports several tons of products to many fastidious markets such as Europe, Canada, Japan, Korea, the United States … Even there are companies in Germany willing to pay higher prices (from 1-5%) for Vinasamex products compared with the original price when they understand how Vinasamex has made products with the same value brought to farmers.

Those are immeasurable values that this little girl has received after years of rolling around with cinnamon trees, anise in high mountains, accompanying farmers who do not know cinnamon and anise. what is used for, how it works.

Huyen shared: “Vinasamex is not only a brand that I try to build for myself. I want when looking at Vinasamex products, customers will see the brands of the whole country of Vietnam. And international customers must appreciate products, appreciate the values that Vietnamese people have conveyed through products, must see that Vietnam has changed a lot, to keep up with global business trends “- the young girl just turned 30 years old asserted.

Source: doanhnhan.vn

Editor: Nhat thu