“Learning how to give is not because we have too much, but because we know the meaning and feeling of giving” Departure from Hanoi to Yen Bai where farmers in the organic chain of VINASAMEX means to convey the message of serving organic products, even about the most commonly used materials.

When the car of the crew appeared in front of the cultural house to signal we had reached the destination. The meeting point is the People’s Committees of communes Dao Thinh, Hoa Cuong, Viet Thanh, Tan Dong. We received the enthusiastic reception of the staff here under the drizzling weather and the cold wave of the North at this time, but when we look at the people here, we do not feel the cold. feeling warm full of human love.

(Farmers in the organic chain)

Serving for the development of organic cinnamon raw materials in association with organic consumer products Packaging with the function of ensuring quality for organic products. VINASAMEX has organized the distribution of standard packaging for organic products to farmers in the organic cinnamon production chain of VINASAMEX. Along with that is the communication of information about how to use the tools to support cinnamon production to farmers.

We found that when people here held the bags of VINASAMEX in their hands, we could understand that they did not realize much about tools for organic products. There is a farmer who said, “I thought I could not use any bag, but after hearing information about how to use it, there are so many things to pay attention to.” How do you remember the knowledge taught in organic training sessions every day, and how do you use the tools? Do you practice them?

Practical actions from Vinasamex, felt from the actions of the farmers here. After a series of days of packaging events to farmers, we got the joy bringing farmers participating in VINASAMEX organic chain with many values. With the hope of “Giving away is forever”, the journey of VINASAMEX is the journey of the most complete emotions.