“Mưa rơi nghiêng lối em về
Ướt bờ vai nhỏ tóc thề em tôi
Nắng thu chạy trốn đâu rồi?
Không còn vương vấn đứng ngồi theo em”

Trích thơ: “Thương em chiều mưa” – Đặng Minh Mai

Cinnamon Yen Bai season has come, everywhere is fragrant cinnamon flavor. From 5 am in the cinnamon woods, the laughter of the workers peeling cinnamon was heard. Cinnamon Yen Bai is gradually harvested, rain or shine, and even during the current COVID-19 pandemic, there is always VINA SAMEX behind waiting for farmers to bring cinnamon back every afternoon after the whole autumn day. strenuous planning.

WITH MISSION ALWAYS accompanying her children in the high region and human values that VINA SAMEX is always aiming for

During the epidemic, many businesses stopped their production and business activities, when people in many places were still worried about where to sell, VINA SAMEX is always here, always trying to ensure consumption. income for people and employees in the middle of the epidemic season.

VINA SAMEX always believes that together, solidarity and joining hands with the organic cinnamon and anise value chain of VINA SAMEX are always sustainable and the members are confident to overcome the common difficult situation of the epidemic!