Anise is also known as star anise, anise seed, repatriating or repatriating incense or simply a hernia and its scientific name is Illicium Verum

Anise is widely used in Chinese cuisine. In addition, anise is also grown in Southeast Asia and Indonesia. In Vietnam, star anise is commonly found in the provinces of Lang Son, Cao Bang, Quang Ninh, Bac Can, Lai Chau and Ha Giang.


anise full of petals viet nam

 Origin of Vietnamese anise

    Structurally, anise is a tall and upright plant but it is also very brittle and easily broken. Its leaves have a characteristic aroma. Star anise usually has 8 pentals and it has green color when young and turns pink-brown when ripe. People still call it “flower”, but it’s actually “fruit” and we call it “star anise”

    Anise can be preserved with dried star anise, ground into powder or specially made into essential oil. At Vina Samex Vietnam, we supply anise in the form of Viet Nam organic anise powder, organic crushed anise, organic anise essential oil and star anise.

Uses of Vietnamese anise for health

   Anise contains many nutrients. Star anise contains a large amount of biologically active substances beneficial to health such as Linalool, Quercetin, Anethole, Shikimic Acid, Gallic Acid or Limonene, etc. They are known as health-promoting compounds, increasing resistance, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, etc.

    Quite a few studies indicate that star anise’s antioxidant capacity may have anti-cancer properties such as reducing tumor size.

       strong anti-virus ability of anise

Star Anise is also found to contain a certain amount of shikimic acid, which helps the user’s body to have a strong antiviral effect. Did you know that shikimic acid is also the main ingredient in Tamiflu – a type of drug used to treat colds and flu?

       Anise has anti-fungal ability

Anise also contains a trans-anethole component – a substance that inhibits the growth of pathogenic fungi on some edible plants. Some other components obtained from anise essential oil have shown positive results, the effect of anise against the formation of infectious fungi in the human body.


Anise extract has a positive effect in fighting drug-resistant bacteria, limiting the growth of common pathogenic bacteria. In particular, star anise is also effective in the treatment of urinary tract infections, reducing the growth of E. Coli bacteria.

Vietnamese anise

Vietnamese anise

Benefits and uses of anise, scientifically proven

    In Vietnam, Anise is a Medicine to cure diseases

In terms of science, there have been studies on the pharmacological effects of anise for the user’s health.

  • Antagonists with histamine and acetylcholine, reducing reissessen muscle spasms (guinea trials);
  • Resistant to cobra venom;
  • Stimulates intestinal peristalsis, cures stomachache and increases respiratory secretions, used as expectorant.
  • Inhibits the growth of tuberculous bacilli and subtilis bacilli.
  • Anise extract has the effect of inhibiting the growth of spores of many pathogenic fungi.

Therefore, star anise is used as a drug that helps digestion, relieves pain, reduces contractions in stomach pain, intestinal pain. In addition, anise is also used in cases the stomach and intestines contract too strongly, vomiting, diarrhea, indigestion, abdominal distention, frequent urination, enuresis, food poisoning, snakebite.

In terms of taste and function, anise has a spicy, aromatic, and warm taste. Anise has the effect of eliminating cold, aperitif, spleen, anti-vomiting, except apoplexy, antiseptic.

    Anise is used for Seasoning to cook more delicious

    Star anise, which tastes like licorice but spicy and pungent, is an important ingredient in making five-spice powder – a famous culinary spice that is widely used. Therefore, if you know how to cook, star anise will help the taste of your dishes be raised to a new level.

   In the pot of “pho” broth, stews, curries, etc. anise is an indispensable spice that both increases nutritional value and adds a distinctive aroma and rich flavor to the dish.

    Besides, sweet appetizers or desserts can also add anise flavor to stimulate appetite. Not only helps the meal to be full of flavor, but also increases the body’s resistance, especially when the weather becomes cold or erratic.

   Anise making Essential Oils, skin care and health promotion

      Anise essential oil

     With its distinctive aroma and great uses, Vietnamese anise essential oil is becoming more and more popular. The active ingredients in anise essential oil help prevent the invasion of bacteria, fungi, microorganisms, etc. From there, it helps to keep the respiratory system healthy, avoiding bad agents that cause external diseases.

    Anise essential oil has high antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that help disinfect wounds and avoid inflammation. Thanks to its warming properties, anise essential oil helps your body stay warm effectively, stimulates intestinal peristalsis and prevents some digestive diseases.

      Anise essential oil improves body health

massages to relieve pain. Its aroma also helps you relax, eliminating harmful bacteria around the environment and some other pathogens.

Values Vina Samex Viet Nam aspires to bring to customers

    Since company’s establishment until now, Vina Samex has always carried with it the mission of accompanying and helping people in the highlands change their perception in how to grow and cultivate organic anise and cinnamon; towards sustainable development. From there, bring cinnamon, anise – pure Vietnamese spices to conquer the most demanding, high-end markets in the world.

    During our journey, besides generating income for the people, the company also focuses a lot on promoting the development of women, especially the Tay, Dao, and Muong ethnic groups, etc to make them confident in their family life as well as in society, raising awareness and the role of women in the economy.

    Our products are strictly controlled from planting, harvesting, processing to production. All for the purpose of providing customers with the best products. Let Vina Samex Viet Nam cherish the value of your life.


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