On the morning of December 27, Vietnam Cinnamon Production and Export Joint Stock Company – Vinasamex., SJC cooperated with representatives of Dao Thinh, Tan Dong, Hoa Cuong, and Viet Thanh communes to hold a conference to sign the agreement. investment cooperation in production and consumption of organic agricultural products in the organic value chain in Tran Yen district.

Attending were Mr. Phan Manh Hung – representative of the Department of Agriculture, Nguyen Van Manh – Deputy Head of the Department of Agriculture, related branches and representatives of the Commune People’s Committee involved in building organic cinnamon chains, officials and farmers’ children. typically cultivating organic cinnamon. On the side of Vietnam Cinnamon Production and Export Joint Stock Company – Vinasamex., SJC is represented by Mr. Nguyen Que Anh, Chairman of the Board, Ms. Nguyen Thi Huyen, CEO of Vinasamex.

Vinasamex wishes to bring an enhanced value chain of Vietnamese agricultural products to domestic and international markets. Always put high link between businesses and farmers to create a driving force for development, contributing to building the economy for upland ethnic people, promoting the rights of farmers to participate in building new economic development. Not only is the terrain favorable, but the relationship between enterprises and farmers is also interested in building in mountainous areas of ethnic minorities, contributing to helping people reduce poverty sustainably.

To bring the best results to help farmers take care of standard organic crops, the company supports technical training, instructs farmers how to plant, prune and take care of Cinnamon. The company guarantees to purchase all products from farmers participating in the organic Cinnamon value chain. At the seminar, farmers noticed smiles, happy and hopeful eyes on each face when talking with company officials about the direction for the next years of cultivation and development. Vinasamex is very happy for being a source of inspiration and motivation to help farmers develop more not only in economics but also in terms of human awareness of the ethnic people.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Comrade Phan Manh Hung thanked Vinasamex for the attention of Vinasamex company that has investment promotion activities in the towns. Mr. Hung suggested that the People’s Committees of Hoa Cuong, Dao Thinh, Tan Dong and Viet Thanh communes direct departments, divisions and specialized units to coordinate with Vietnam Que Hoi Export and Production Joint Stock Company – Vinasamex., SJC to build building communication programs on organic cinnamon production, propagating and encouraging farmers to effectively use high-quality organic fertilizers and bio-products of the corporation in the . Que Hoi Vietnam Production and Export Joint Stock Company cooperated with the Town People’s Committee to immediately start building a demonstration model after the signing ceremony, ensuring seasonality; to expand the construction of organic cinnamon production chains for eligible households.

At the end of the seminar to sign the contract, a written commitment between the enterprise and the farmer, determine that the harvest time, the company will purchase Cinnamon products at a higher priority price than the market price. Correctly implementing the linkage between enterprises and farmers, whether or not it really works, depends firstly on the “Prestige” of the business. Sustainable linkage based on the needs and consumption of the business. In the process of linking farmers with weight, it is the foundation to enhance the long-term efficiency of the connection, helping the necessary conditions for the product in the production – business process. It really connects together into “value chain” to create “economic efficiency”, “competition” of products for the stage. Vinasamex always stands here when farmers need to be solid and full of heat to help farmers to develop.