1. CINNAMON – health benefits and nutrition

Until now, cinnamon is mostly known as a favorite spice in the family so it is used very popularly. Not only that, cinnamon also has very high medicinal values, which are very useful for human health and daily life. What is it specifically? Let’s explore more specific types of Vietnamese Cinnamon with Vinasamex in the article below.

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It may surprise you, but in fact, since about 2000 BC, cinnamon has been known as an ancient spice. China is the first country to discover and use this plant. Around that time, cinnamon was considered a precious medicinal herb and mainly used in pharmaceutical production and religious rituals.

In feudalism, cinnamon was an indispensable item in possesty that Vietnamese kings brought to Chinese kings.

The scientific name of this plant is Cinnamomum Cassia, belonging to Lauraceae. The English name is Cinnamon. In Vietnam, cinnamon is also known by many different names according to each region such as Thanh Cinnamon, Quy Cinnamon, Quang Cinnamon, Yen Bai Cinnamon, Bi Cinnamon, May cinnamon.

This is a perennial and woody tree, mature tree can be over 15 meters tall, the trunk diameter can reach 1.3 m.


     a) Benefits of cinnamon – things to know:

Cinnamon contains a typical active ingredient – cinnamaldehyde, which is used in making flavorings and perfumes. Besides, this active ingredient also has certain benefits to the user’s health, such as:

  • Supports in the treatment of diabetes and reduces the amount of glucose in the blood.
  • Supports cardiovascular system and digestive system.
  • Helps improve memory and cognitive capacity.
  • Supports in the treatment of toothache, headaches and migraines.
  • In addition, cinnamon is also effective in preventing HIV and cancer.

Depending on the age, type of disease and physical condition of each person, the dose of cinnamon is also different. Therefore, please discuss carefully with your doctor to get the right dose.

   b) In addition, cinnamon bark is the part that contains the highest content of essential oils, and the vitamin content is 2-5%. Thanks to its warm and dense characteristics, women often use cinnamon essential oil for the purpose of weight loss, reducing belly fat through sauna or massage to dissolve excess fat.

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valuable uses of cinnamon for human health, cinnamon is also used for many different purposes in daily life. Every part of this plant can be used to its full advantages. Specifically, in addition to the uses mentioned above, cinnamon is also applied in life in other aspects including:

   a . Cinnamon Used in cooking

    To make your dish more delicious and attractive, you can use cinnamon powder to make seasoning. Because cinnamon powder contains vitamins A, B1, C, etc and aroma. Drinks like tea when added with cinnamon also stimulate the taste and smell.

   b. Effect of cinnamon: deodorizing, repelling insects

   For humans, the aroma of cinnamon will make you feel comfortable, pleasant, remove mold, but you know, this scent is the quintessence of insects. Therefore, we can make use of cinnamon powder or cinnamon essential oil to repel mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants in places where they often appear. Try it, it works!

   c. Cinnamon Used to make wooden handicrafts

    Currently, the perennial cinnamon trees are gradually introduced into the wood industry. At the same time, they are applied to the production of wooden crafts such as flower vases, toothpick boxes, night lights. These products both have a pleasant fragrance and ensure aesthetics.

benefits of cinnamon powder

                                                                     benefits of cinnamon powder


    Since company’s establishment until now, Vina Samex has always carried with it the mission of accompanying and helping people in the highlands change their perception in how to grow and cultivate organic anise and cinnamon; towards sustainable development. From there, bring Vietnamese Cinnamon conquer the most demanding, high-end markets in the world.

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