On January 9, 2020, Vina Samex and Trang Dinh District signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in investment and development of organic anise material and processing areas.

Accordingly, the two sides will conduct cooperation activities related to the development of cinnamon material areas in 2 communes Kim Dong and De Tham commune in Trang Dinh district (Lang Son), including: building a processing factory , expanding the scale of organic raw material areas, creating a solid foundation for the current relationship both in the future between the two sides and strengthening the capacity of the two sides for sustainable agricultural production, towards organic , strengthening community connection, linking houses including the state, investors, entrepreneurs with farmers.

On the side of Vietnam Anise Production and Export Joint Stock Company (Vina Samex) pledged to send top experts to train cinnamon growing and cultivation techniques, including: planting, tending and harvesting. international organic standards… for anise farmers in De Tham commune and cinnamon farmers in Kim Dong commune, Trang Dinh district. Bringing farmers and cinnamon growing areas wishing to follow organic standards into the organic chain of Vina Samex.

Representative of Vina Samex said that the company will spend all the output of organic material areas of farmers in certified organic material areas in De Tham and Kim Dong communes. At the same time, consuming cinnamon and anise yields of other farmers in the two communes as well as other areas in Trang Dinh district. With the output of cinnamon and anise in the certified organic area, the Company guarantees to purchase at the market price at the time of purchase, and at the same time bonuses farmers who have cinnamon production and anise achieved. organic standards from time to time.

Representatives of Vina Samex and representatives of Trang Dinh District signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in investment, development of raw material areas and processing of organic anise.

Along with that, the company has built an investment project to process cinnamon and anise products in Ban Cu village, De Tham commune, Trang Dinh district in order to pre-process and process cinnamon materials. district area. Contributing to the consumption of forest products is being strongly developed by farmers as well as at all levels of district and commune authorities. Help these forest products to have a stable consumption market, ensure prices, increase income, and contribute to improving the lives of farmers growing cinnamon and anise.

At the signing ceremony, Ms. Nguyen Thi Huyen, Director of Vina Samex also proposed the People’s Committee of Trang Dinh District to have appropriate policies, creating favorable conditions for businesses to develop locally, helping the locality to change skin, to build to successfully build a new countryside according to the 10-year and 15-year orientation of the Home District.

With an expected scale of more than 2 hectares, the total processing capacity of 1,000 tons of anise and cinnamon per year, when the Cinnamon and anise processing plant is completed, Vina Samex is put into operation, creating jobs for many workers. local action. Vina Samex will recruit workers in the district, to successfully train professional workers in the production of cinnamon products, Trang Dinh, Lang Son.

Also at the signing ceremony, the representative of Trang Dinh District leaders also pledged to join Vina Samex in building an organic material area of international standards, without the participation of a third party in the two above material areas. The district together with Vina Samex organize seminars and conferences to exchange production experiences with farmers, support administrative procedures to build factories. All towards sustainable development, community cohesion.

Duong Thanh – New Newspaper