Resists and deodorizes the room always fragrant and warm with organic cinnamon essential oil. Cinnamon essential oil derived entirely from nature is effective in preventing moisture, providing a completely ventilated and relaxing space.

With the weather in our country, the changing weather, when it is sunny, when it rains will cause a lot of trouble, not only in the daily schedule but also annoying you by the smell of musty. Especially in the rainy season, it rains a lot, the air with high humidity is an ideal condition for mold to multiply and develop many bacteria, affecting the health of themselves and loved ones. So what to do to prevent mold and deodorize your home, office or any space? In the past, you would have to live with the smell of musty, or use toxic chemical drugs but the results are still not feasible. Now, with pure cinnamon essential oil, you can easily remove mold and relax in a warm, refreshing space in the middle of the rainy season.


VINA SAMEX will teach you how to handle and repair extremely simple to prevent and remove humidity, protect your home and the health of your family in these irregular weather patterns.

Tinh dầu quế

There are many types of natural essential oils that have effective anti-mold and deodorizing effects such as: tea tree oil, lemongrass essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, … and it is impossible not to mention organic cinnamon essential oil. Cinnamon essential oil has a very strong deodorizing and antibacterial properties that can remove fungus extremely safely, and is much more effective and safe than commercial disinfectants. Not only that, but the warmth of cinnamon essential oil also helps you and your loved one avoid colds that are very common in this erratic weather.

Note, however, that there are many chemical blending of essential oil manufacturers on the market today! With the advantage of being very cheap, the packaging is very eye-catching, so the essential oil products mixed with chemicals can attract many customers with the psychology of buying cheap goods. These products, when used, will adversely affect your health as well as your loved ones. VINA SAMEX is currently directly extracting 100% organic cinnamon essential oil from Yen Bai cinnamon tree. Thanks to the product’s natural scent and international organic certifications such as the US, Europe, Korea and Japan, VINA SAMEX has been meeting the world’s most stringent quality standards.


How to make it simple! You just need to use a steam lamp with a few drops of organic cinnamon essential oil. You can choose from beautiful small candlelight sets, or luxurious electric essential oil burner. You will live in a space that is both warm, relaxing and comfortable. The light of the essential oil burner combined with the power of natural cinnamon essential oil helps to remove fungus bacteria in the space, warming your home. You can also add a few drops to warm water and wipe away any areas of walls that show signs of mold with that water. No longer will you worry about unpleasant odors and ugly mold streaks.

How to use cinnamon essential oil to inhale the aroma and repel mosquitoes

When entering a room with the delicate aroma of cinnamon, visitors will surely be excited and excited to play. You can use the oil burner like above or directly anoint it where you want, but avoid direct contact with your skin. In that atmosphere, your family members will surely feel refreshed and full of energy. VINA SAMEX also tells you another great use of cinnamon essential oil is to repel flies, mosquitoes and insects. Fathers and mothers can sprinkle 1-2 drops into their wardrobe to help children avoid mosquito bites when going to school, going out! Not only that, if your children get car sickness due to the unpleasant car smell, buy and immediately use cinnamon essential oil of VINA SAMEX, you will see the miraculous effect.

If you notice signs of mold or an unpleasant odor, dispose of the lens immediately, to avoid spreading us. With cinnamon essential oil, you will own the ideal living space, remove the unpleasant smell of moisture and bring a very pleasant fragrance, helping you to work, study and rest well.

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