Lao Cai and Yen Bai are two mountainous provinces located between the Northeast and Northwest regions, with favorable conditions for growing medicinal plants, especially cinnamon. Therefore, over the past years, the province has had many policies to support the development of cinnamon, contributing to sustainable poverty reduction for the people.

Realizing that organic cinnamon has more economic value than regular cinnamon, the leaders of Van Ban and Bac Ha districts organized a tour for farmers to study the organic cinnamon farming production model at the company. manufacture and export VINA SAMEX Yen Bai production base.

Farmers in Van Ban and Bac Ha districts with difficult terrain, often affected by natural disasters, difficult transportation, but still do not prevent people from building their dreams of reaching higher and higher. Farmers, cinnamon trees have been planted for a long time, associated with the socio-economic development of the ethnic minorities and become one of the main income sources of the people. Although Cinnamon is so important, mainly people in Van Ban and Bac Ha districts still exploit it in a natural way. Besides, the indiscriminate exploitation, the lack of conservation management planning, makes the source of Cinnamon not reach the best productivity. Cinnamon cultivation of the people here is mainly spontaneous. With the desire to develop the best cinnamon economy, not only eradicate poverty, but also help many households to get rich, VINA SAMEX has helped people to recognize the highest values of organic cinnamon and how 100% standard organic farming. Glad to make a change of farmers on how to cultivate and harvest cinnamon, VINA SAMEX always stands behind with people so that no one will be left behind.

(Farmers visit VINA SAMEX factory)

The tour helps farmers have the opportunity to learn more about VINA SAMEX company, and at the same time grasp the product manufacturing process at the company. Have a better understanding of the company’s management apparatus, as well as the production movement of the VINA SAMEX organic standardized factory zone. Practical knowledge when visiting the factory is an opportunity for farmers to compare and supplement with the processes they are doing at home, giving them practical application knowledge. families create better productivity.

Coming to the organic farming material area in the production chain of VINA SAMEX, farmers were surprised at how to grow and produce 100% organic quality cinnamon products when harvested. Direct exchange with the cooperative established by 7 veterans and operating for more than 10 years. It is the peasant who learns from the peasants the most honest way. Seeing the economic and human development of the organic chain of VINA SAMEX on the material area is visited. Farmers give me the spirit of determination to participate in the organic farming chain together with VINA SAMEX to build and enhance the value of Vietnamese cinnamon.

(Farmers show their determination towards new agriculture to grow organic cinnamon)

Here are some pictures of the tour:

Bà con nông dân hào hứng tìm hiểu về các máy móc vật dụng để sản xuất tại nhà máy VINA SAMEX

Farmers were excited to discuss and raise questions in the conversation with representatives of VINA SAMEX company

Deputy Director of Center for Agricultural Extension and Agricultural Services in Lao Cai province shared and thanked VINA SAMEX company for facilitating farmers to have a field visit. Through here, people are aware of the right direction of economic development from organic Cinnamon.