The one who elevates cinnamon, anise of Vietnam on the map of world aromatherapy

Despite being called “stupid” when pouring investment capital, developing organic material area for a long time without harvesting, Ms. Nguyen Thi Huyen and Vinasamex Company are working with highland farmers to affirm their position. of cinnamon, star anise in Vietnam in the most advanced, fastidious markets in the world. General Director of Vinasamex Nguyen Thi Huyen In Vietnam, cinnamon...

VINA SAMEX- Raising the level of Cinnamon and Star anise of Vietnam

As an enterprise with many contributions to the community in preserving and developing the specialties of anise cinnamon, VINA SAMEX has been making the anise cinnamon product to become a geographical indication in the specialties of Vietnamese mountains and forests. world map. Coming to the northern mountainous provinces, ethnic Tày, Dao, Nùng … all considered Vina Samex as their...

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